Moving Devices Through the IOP Process

There are many statuses in our DB and these allow us to track where devices are within our testing process:

  • Available - Device has been identified as available from a carrier or distributor in a given region.
  • Targeted - After initial review by the IOP team, the device will be ordered.
  • In-Queue - The device is has been received and is in-house waiting to be tested.
  • In Process - The device/module has been begun testing but is not yet completed.
  • In Review - The device has completed tested and the results are being reviewed by the regional IOP lead.
  • OK to Publish - The device is ready for the bi-weekly review meeting with IOP and Customer Service
  • Published - The device is changed to Published during the review meeting as long as results are agreed upon.  NOTE:  This does NOT actually publish the device.  Customer Service does that after the meeting.  See How To: Publish Devices for more information.
  • Do Not Purchase - The device has been identified as one we do not want to purchase.  This could be due to cost, lack of popularity, or some other reason determined by the IOP team.


Statuses are categorized in 2 different ways in our DB:  

  • Available/Targeted/Do Not Purchase - these do not need to be assigned to a module.  We don't know if they will be tested yet and making unnecessary combinations in our DB creates unnecessary records.
  • In-Queue/In Process/In Review/Ok to Publish/Published - these do need to be assigned to a module because it's confirmed they will be tested.


Devices are entered into our system normally in 2 ways:

  1. They are added into the DB as Available with the Available Device Wizard and the IOP team determines if they will be purchased.  These devices normally will be moved to Targeted if we decided to pursue purchasing it or it will move to Do Not Purchase.  The IOP team makes that determination.  For Available, Targeted, and Do Not Purchase statuses, no modules are assigned to the Device Manufacturer/Device Model/Carrier combination.  Essentially it's one record in our DB.  It cannot be published to any front facing websites.  It does not show up in Devices.
  2. They are added to the DB as In-Queue because we have the device in-house.  Generally they were sent to us by the device manufacturer or carrier.  They may or may not be preproduction devices.  These are set up in the In-Queue Wizard and do have module associations.  So essentially there are blank test plans for each Device Manufacturer/Device Model/Carrier/Module combination.  Devices set to In-Queue/In Process/In Review/Ok to Publish cannot be published to any front facing website.


There are 2 ways to change the status of a Device:

1.  IOP Dashboard – This is the easiest and most efficient way to move devices through the flow.

  • Choose desired status (Targeted, in-Queue, etc.).
  • Choose the desired region
  • If Available, Targeted, or Do Not Purchase, select the carrier.
    • Click on the name of the device to highlight it in gray.  You may select more than one device.  To deselect a device, hold the SHIFT key and click the device again.
    • Select the desired status in the dropdown.
    • Select Change Status.  
    • If moving to "In Queue" then module assignments need to be made.  Select the modules to test.  
    • Click Submit.  You will now find the device on the tab you moved it to.  Note that if it is moved to In-Queue or later, the device will now also be present on each module tab.  
  • If In-Queue, In Process, In Review, Ok to Publish or Published, select the module.
    • Click on the name of the device (NOT the Edit link) to highlight the device in gray. You may select more than one device. To deselect a device, hold the SHIFT key and click the device again.
    • Select the desired status in the dropdown.
    • Select Change Status.
    • This device most likely is assigned to multiple modules.  From each module tab, repeat this process for all device/module combinations.

2.  IOP Testing Form – If you are working in a test plan, you can simply change the IOP Results Status dropdown value, then click one of the Save functions.  This is only available for moving devices between the following statuses:  In-Queue --> In Process --> In Review --> Ok to Publish --> Published.  They do not have to go into a particular order and can be moved backwards.  Depending on user permissions, not all statuses may be available.


Once devices are In Queue, from the In Queue tab, click the Edit link in front of the device to open the blank test plan and begin testing.  OR, find the device in IOP Device Testing Results and click on it (it will be in pink).  To understand how the test plan works, please read How To: Fill In The Test Plan.  NOTE:  Test plans can be accessed from any of the In Queue and later tabs, even partially completed.