Retest of New Software for a Device Already Tested


Entire Regional Retest

This process is the most efficient way to set up a device with new software to be retested across multiple modules.

  1. From the IOP Dashboard, select IOP Testing.
  2. Select IOP Device Testing Results.
  3. Filter the list by Testing Region, Device Manufacturer, Device, and Carrier if neccesary.  Find all the Device/Carrier/Module combinations that will be retested with this particular new device software version.
  4. Select all the desired combinations by clicking the box in front of each.
  5. For very minor SW updates where only a retest of specific features will be done, click Copy Results at the top right.  This will make a duplicate of the test plan results where they can then be updated where the retesting is performed.
  6. For a major SW update where the device will be entirely retested, click Copy Blank.  This will create a blank test plan where all responses are set to "Not Tested".
  7. Click "Copy by Software".
  8. Enter the new SW version in the Device Software Version box, or select from the list.  If all selected devices have not been tested with this SW version, the indicator light in front of the devices will turn green.  Click "Copy Results" in the top right.  If any of them remain red, that device/carrier/module combination already exists with the new SW version and the copy request will be ignored.
  9. The Device/Carrier/Module combination will now be located on the in-queue tab on the IOP Dashboard.


 One-Off Retest

This process if the easiest way to perform a retest of a device with new software for only one module (usually when a retest is required as part of an issue investigation).

  1. From the IOP Dashboard, select IOP Testing.
  2. Select IOP Device Testing Results.
  3. Filter the list to find the device/module combination that will be retested with new device software.
  4. Open the test plan.
  5. Click the Create New Device Software button at the top right.
  6. Enter the new device software version in the data box
  7. Select either Create Blank Test Plan (entire retest on module) OR Copy Data From This Test Plan (minor retest of only a few features).
  8. Click Copy
  9. With either option, the new blank or copied test plan will open in a new window.