Create a list of devices to be Regression Tested

This functionality is used to filter a list the devices based on criteria determined by Visteon so pre-launch IOP testing can be performed with a new module.  The filter criteria is normally 2 years of devices tested on the last module launched within that region.  This process creates an "in-queue" combination of this phone/carrier/*new module* so it can be tested. NOTE:  This does NOT copy the test data from the previous module.  It creates a blank test form for each phone for this module and sets all the test step results to "not tested".

  1. From the IOP Dashboard, select IOP Testing.
  2. Select IOP Device Testing Results.
  3. In the Module dropdown, sort by the last module tested.
  4. Enter the date range of devices tested.  NOTE:  We normally regression test devices that have been tested within the past 2 years.
  5. In the Display # dropdown at the bottom, select ALL.
  6. Check the box at the top of the first column to select ALL devices.
  7. Review the list of devices provided and uncheck any devices that will not be tested.  Be reminded that this list is for all carriers tested on the last module so if you are in NA and EU where results are copied across many regions, one device may be displayed many times, once for each carrier.  Make certain to uncheck all carriers for the device you don't want to test.  Selecting a Testing Region may be helpful.
  8. Once the checkboxes are selected, click the ‘Copy Blank’ button.
  9. Select Copy by Module, select Next Step.
  10. Select the Module in the dropdown.  NOTE:  Once the module is selected, the indicator on ALL devices should turn green to indicate the cominations do not currently exist and the combination can be created.  If any indicators are red, the creation for that combination will not be written.  Nothing will be overwritten.
  11. Click Create.
  12. Refilter the main list to include any one-offs and check the desired devices.  Then repeat steps 8-11.

The module should now be ready to be tested by the regional IOP tester.  All the devices should appear on the in-queue tab.