Publishing Devices

After devices have been through the testing process, the tester will have already moved the device to "Published"  for our internal status.  Please review How To: Move Devices Through IOP Process for more information.  For the device to appear on the front facing website one final indicator needs to be set to published.

  1. From the IOP Matrix, select IOP Testing.
  2. Select IOP Device Testing Results.
  3. Filter the list to find the devices to publish.
    • Filtering by date is helpful since the meetings are performed every 2 weeks.
    • Filtering by IOP Results Status = Published and Marketing status indicator set = Unpublished can also be helpful.
    • Filtering by testing region or carrier might be helpful.
  4. Click the red circle and make it green to publish.  To do many devices at once, click the box in front of each and then click the Publish button at the top right.  NOTE:  That each Device/Carrier/Module combination will have to be set to published.


As long as the device's launch date has passed, the device will now appear on the front facing website.