Device Pairing Instructions

There are 2 different types of device pairing instructions.  

  • Device Level:  These are instructions that will work across any carrier and module for this device.  These are generic instructions specific to the device.   This allows the flexibilty to only enter pairing instructions once and have them apply to many modules.
  • Device/Carrier/Module:  These are instructions that are specific to the Device/Carrier/Module test being done.  Even if device level pairing instructions are present, these will override those.  


Entering Device Level Instructions

  1. From the Matrix Dashboard, Click Devices.
  2. Select Devices.
  3. Using the filters, find the device to enter device level instructions.
  4. Click The "D" icon located before the device manufacturer.
  5. See "Using the Pairing Instructions Tool" below for more information on next steps.


Entering Device/Carrier/Module Instructions

  1. From the IOP Dashboard, select IOP Testing.
  2. Select IOP Device Testing Results.
  3. Filter the list to find the device to be tested and select it.  NOTE:  This is really just opening the device test plan.  If you find you are accessing/testing devices solely from the IOP status tabs located on the IOP dashboard, that is an alternate way to get to the same location.
  4. At the top of the test plan, there are links to the 2 different sets of pairing instructions.  See "Using the Pairing Instructions Tool" below for more information on next steps.
    • Pairing Instructions located accessed via the "Add IOP Pairing Instructions" button allow you to enter the device/carrier/module specific instructions.
    • View Device Pairing Instructions is a read-only view of the "device level" instructions.




Using the Pairing Instructions Tool

From either location mentioned above, the tool functionality will be the same.   The "First Time Only" and "Primary" dropdowns can be ignored. Veriserv's login will default to Japanese in the language dropdown.  

  1. Select Add New Line.
  2. Enter the first step of the PHONE instructions into the Step 1 box.  NOTE:  DO NOT NUMBER THE STEPS!!  Device pairing instructions are displayed immediately following the vehicle side pairing instructions.  The front facing websites handle the numbering process.  
  3. Click Add New Line
  4. Enter the second step of the PHONE instructions into the Step 2 box.
  5. Continue until all steps are entered Click Save.  A preview box will be displayed. 
    • The Delete button can be used to remove a step.
    • Bolding and italic options are available
    • Indented bulletpoints are available
    • Adding links and images will not be something used in device pairing instructions.
  6. Click the X in the upper right corner.
  7. If any errors were present in the review, open the tool again and edit.