Add/Edit Public Comments

These are the overall device comments present on most sites in the "Comments" box.

  1. From the Matrix Dashboard, Select Devices
  2. Select Public Comments
  3. To add a new comment, click the Add button at the top right
    • Name the comment
    • Type the comment text
    • Select the language.  NOTE:  Comments can be added in multiple languages.  To do so, enter the comment in each language, changing the language dropdown as appropriate, and select the same device/vehicle combo each time.
    • Using the search functionality, locate the device/vehicle(s) combo on the left.
    • Highlight all the device/vehicle combos
    • Click "Move Selected".  Device/Vehicle combos now listed on the right side will have the comment present.
  4. To edit an existing comment, find the comment to edit using the Filter function.  
    • Click the Comment to edit.
    • Make the desired edits.  NOTE: that all device/vehicle combos on the right side will have this comment edited.  If not all the combos should be edited, a new comment would need to be created.  Make sure to delete this comment from the combos that will receive the new edited comment.
    • To add a device comment to a vehicle, filter and highlight the desired combo on the left and click "Move Selected".
    • To remove a device comment from a vehicle, filter and highlight the desired combo on the right and click "Move Selected".
    • Click Save & Close.