Entering Japanese Feature Comments

NOTE:  This can only be done after the device is published.  The feature results on the interface are derived from the API.  For instructions on how to publish a device, please read How To: Publish Devices.  This can also only be done on the Mazda JP 14 CMU module results.

  1. From the Matrix Dashboard, select Devices.
  2. Select Devices.
  3. Filter the list by the Mazda JP 14 CMU in the module filter.
  4. Find the desired device.
  5. Expand the module name.
  6. Click Feature Comments located after the carrier.
  7. Enter the features comments on all the features with a partial status.
  8. Click Save to Database at the bottom when completed (to exit without saving, click the small blue X in the top right corner).
  9. Repeat for all device/carrier/module combinations needing the feature comment.