Weekly Release Notes

Below is a list of programming changes to the Master Database, by date.  Outside of urgent bug fixes, all other requests and improvements will be deployed on Thursday mornings, when applicable.  



• Added SW version to public comments UI.  



• Trashed module software versions no longer appear in the copy by module dropdown.  



• Resources - added functionality to order by resource category.



         • IOP copy function health check now correctly determines the destination device/carrier software version.

         • BT Navicon features are now appearing as NA for USB devices on the marketing reports, per Rie.



• Last modified date on the front facing websites now references the date the device was published.  This was a global change that affected all front facing websites that use the API from the new MDB.



• Resources - now references links to where Mazda houses the files.  Files will not be stored on our servers.



• Filters now persist through any interaction with the IOP Test Results list.

• Test Region column was added to the Untested Device list.

• Added more carrier specific data to the device list:  IOP status, Marketing indicator, published date and number of IOP records.

• Added testers name and date tested to the IOP Test record.

• Adjusted 2 feature comments to correctly display the popup box when entering feature comments.



• Launched Feature Comments Library to production.

• IOP Copy by Carrier - health check now correctly identifies device software version of destination device/carrier.

• Removed special green backgrounds on module/vehicle feature pages due no longer using combined feature logic within the API.



• Changed “MDG” to “USB” in feature category table.

• When deleting HFT SW versions, a dialog box will appear notifying the user which devices use this SW.  Continuing with deletion will set the HFT SW version for those records to “0”.

• Adjusted IOP Summary export to Excel to use module features.  Removed “JP” reference in title.

• Launched the new Resources section to production.

• Transitioned the MDB and API from Linode to Google.

• Added a conversion script to add vehicle associations to records that don’t have have them.


10/28/2015 (Special Wednesday Release)

• Moved archive flag from vehicle-level data to IOP-level data

• Added ability to mass archive IOP records

• Added improved searching/filtering for archived IOP records

• Granted permission to archive IOP records to Super Users and Marketing permission groups

• Updated API to reflect change in archive flag location for all regions



• IOP: Added a new ‘IOP Untested Devices’ interface (found under the IOP Testing menu) which allows users to view Available, Targeted and DNP records easily.

• IOP: Rebuilt the IOP Device Testing Results filters completely. Now, all filters will persist throughout the user’s session. PLEASE NOTE: the ‘Clear’ button will reset all filters entirely.



• IOP Results: Filtering by device OS now works correctly

• IOP Results: Empty Trash function now completely deletes the IOP record as well as all other associated records (test responses, vehicle attachments, etc.)

• IOP Results: Trashed icon now correctly appears for Trashed IOP records

• IOP Results: State filter (published, unpublished, trashed) will now persist across multiple filter requests

• IOP Results: Empty Trash button only appears when state filter of Trashed is selected

• IOP Results: After Empty Trash event, Trashed state filter will now persist



• "Copy to Blank” function now clears the device software version automatically

• IOP test plan now allows tester to assign device software version if one was not previously assigned, unless the IOP record is both Published (IOP status) and Published (Marketing status)



• Device profiles are now editable in the Devices area.

• Allow copy from Mazda EU 10 to Mazda AU 9.5



• Super Users now have the ability to delete (trash) individual IOP records.

• Untested IOP combinations (Available, Targeted, Did Not Purchase) are now viewable in the Assignments column in the Devices area.



• IOP Dashboard will no longer display IOP records where the device is trashed (only unpublished or published devices).

• Available Wizard: fixed an issue where the Close button that appears after the save did not close the window.

• Available Wizard: fixed a scrolling issue on Step 4.

• Available Wizard: fixed an issue where the last carrier was not entirely visible.



• Adjusted the width and placement of IOP test plan tooltip messages.

• Adjusted the IOP Summary Excel file so that certain version numbers align correctly.



 • Converted test status, overall determination, testing notes, and last modified timestamp from test response table to the IOP table. The result is a MUCH faster loading IOP Device Testing Results page.



• In the Test Template edit view, all test steps shown on a front-end web site are outlined with a thick green dash. The test steps are based on the module’s supported features.

• In the Test Template edit view, each test step now has a direct link to edit the actual test step.

• List of Test Templates now includes a column which shows which module(s) currently use template.

• In the ‘Add Device OS’ form, there is now a place to enter Release Notes. There is also better visibility for who created/updated the record, and when.

• A new, more obvious ‘Cancel’ button has been added to all Wizards.

• In the IOP Dashboard (Quick Links tab), tasks will now show additional information including current status and assignee.

• Tasks in the IOP Testing Work Queue now have a second Notes field where the Tester can enter notes about the task.

• All Tasks can now be assigned a due date. Task due dates will now appear in the IOP Testing Work Queue list.

• IOP Testing Work Queue tasks can now be trashed and deleted.

• Completed tasks older than 4 weeks will be automatically archived.



• Changed Japanese translation of the Close button, per Rie.

• Updated the Feature Comment interface to include Navicon features automatically.



• IOP Dashboard - for currently checked out items, added name of user and date item was checked out.

• IOP Dashboard - added additional tabs to the ‘Checked Out’ panel (Devices, Vehicles, Test Steps, Test Templates, Modules).

• IOP Dashboard - Testers will no longer see the ‘Matrix Dashboard’ icon.

• Testers can no longer edit another user in the User Manager.

• IOP Device Testing Results - Publish and Unpublish buttons have been (re)added. You can now mass publish or unpublish.

• IOP Device Testing Results - Now shows Release Date (imported from old MDB) column.

• IOP Test Plan - if user clicks ‘Edit Device’, they will immediately be returned to IOP test plan upon selecting ‘Close’ or ’Save & Close'.



• Combined the Copy function on the IOP test plan page to include both device software and HFT software. You can now do both or either.

• Added “Clear All” button to IOP test step custom responses UI

• Default value for IOP custom response dropdown is now “Not Tested”

• IOP launch date now appears on IOP test results page

• IOP dashboard now shows all checked out IOP records with ability to check in from dashboard (JCI group and higher)

• IOP test button text will appear as English for Japanese users

• IOP test results device filter dropdown shows all devices (was only showing published devices)

• Increased height of vehicle copy dialog box